AARP/UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Plan Rates in Washington

By Gene Rhee
eMedicareSupplements Editor

United Healthcare: Healing Health Care. Together.

Made popular by an aggressive marketing partnership with AARP, UnitedHealthcare is a competitively priced option for Medicare supplements in Washington. UnitedHealthcare conducts business in every state and territory of the United States and is one of the largest health insurers in the nation.

Nine Medigap Plans Offered

UnitedHealthcare offers the required Medicare Supplement Plan A at $115.25 per month, which is the second lowest Plan A rate in the state. Plan B goes for $172.50 per month. Medigap Plan C is available for a monthly premium of $203.25. You can also get a Select Plan C in which you must choose your care providers from a network. This policy is available for $198.25 a month. The popular Plan F can be had at a monthly rate of $204. Alternatively, UnitedHealthcare features a Select Plan F, a managed-care version of Plan F, for $199.25 per month. Plan K is available for the low price of $58.25 per month, which is the second best price in Washington state for any Medigap plan. Medicare Supplement Plan L goes for a state-best $116 monthly premium. And finally, Plan N is available for $137.25, which happens to be the lowest price for that plan in Washington state available to all medicare-eligible individuals.

UnitedHealthcare Company Info

UnitedHealthcare is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and has received an excellent A rating from A.M. Best. UnitedHealth Group is headed by CEO Stephen Hemsley. The insurance company reported 2015 revenue of $157.1 billion. Last year, nine complaints in Washington were filed against UnitedHealthcare.

Current beneficiaries may reach UnitedHealthcare member services at (866) 633-2446, and seniors interested in purchasing a Medigap plan from any carrier may call (877) 466-1999 to speak with a trained specialist. UnitedHealthcare has one office in Washington:

Washington Main Office
1111 Third Ave, Suite 1100
Seattle, WA 98101

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