SCAN Benefits for California Seniors

By Kendra Knouff
eMedicareSupplements Senior Writer

California Seniors Have the Option of a Non-Profit Medicare Advantage Plan

With the various options available to seniors, choosing a Medicare Advantage Plan can seem like a daunting task. Seniors have often had a difficult time finding Medicare benefits that would meet their specific needs. In 1977, a group of seniors in Long Beach, California, frustrated with the lack of access to organizations that could meet specific needs, formed Senior Care Action Network.

SCAN is a non-profit Medicare Advantage Plan that was formed in 1977. Since that time, SCAN has become the third largest Medicare Advantage Part D (MAPD) provider in California and the fourth largest non-profit MAPD in the United States. It serves more than 130,000 seniors in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Kern and Ventura counties. Because SCAN was founded by seniors to provide coverage for what seniors really need, it has no shareholders or investors. This allows the health care company to design plans to meet the specific needs of seniors with the understanding of services needed to age gracefully and in peace.

In addition to providing Medicare coverage for parts A and B, SCAN offers such benefits as prescription drug coverage, transportation benefits, health club memberships, and discounts on nutritional supplements and Emergency Response Systems. The company has 135 hospitals and over 14,000 local physicians in its network.

SCAN is dedicated to working specifically with seniors who are frail or chronically ill, and because of this, it manages a Multipurpose Senior Service Project in California, which has seen widespread success. This type of program provides social and healthcare management for those over age 65 who are frail and eligible for placement in a nursing home facility but wish to stay in the community. This type of program is designed to provide community resources, such as respite care and meal services, to keep individuals from being placed in an institution prematurely. Through SCAN’s MSSP, it has been able to prevent or delay the placement of over 50,000 seniors into skilled nursing facilities.

SCAN has also worked to develop and sponsor a Geriatric Advisory Board, which is comprised of six leading geriatric, clinical and health policy professionals. The sole purpose of this board is to review programs created by SCAN, recommend changes to any plans currently under consideration and to guide SCAN in their healthcare management procedures for the elderly. SCAN is also the only Medicare Advantage Plan in the United States that offers geriatric-focused continuing education credits to physicians in its network.

In addition to the service areas in California, SCAN is also available to seniors residing in Maricopa County, Arizona.

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