Medicare Supplement Plan E

By Beverly Maniago
eMedicareSupplements Senior Writer

Medicare Supplement Plan E is No Longer Available for Purchase

Although it previously was the true middle-point plan that filled several significant Medicare coverage gaps, Medicare Supplement Plan E was discontinued on June 1, 2010. Medicare beneficiaries who held Plan E at its date of termination were allowed to keep the policy, however.

Originally, Plan E was one of the supplemental plans that included not only basic care benefits, but preventive care coverage, as well. In fact, preventative care is what distinguished Plan E from Plan D, which did not include this benefit. However, as Medicare sought to modernize and improve its benefit structure, it did away with preventive care due to infrequent use.

Plan E benefits included the basic standard coverage, as in any Medicare supplement plan, including Part B co-insurance, Part A deductible, blood work (3 pints annually), skilled nursing facility co-insurance, emergency care for traveling abroad and, as mentioned earlier, preventive care. Plan E did not include Medicare Part B deductible, home recovery care, Part B excess costs, and charges not approved by Medicare. As in other similar plans, holders of Plan E are obliged to pay these excess charges when incurred.

When Medicare eliminated preventive care from its line of supplemental benefits, Plan E became identical to Plan D. In place of Plan E, Plans M and N were introduced in June 2010.

Plan E policyholders at time of the change did not lose their coverage, nor will they be obligated to change or withdraw their coverage. They continue to enjoy the benefits as previously granted, but this plan is no longer available to those who wish to buy it.

If you are looking for an alternative to Plan E, or would like advice on finding the best Medicare supplement plan for you, our trained experts can provide you with the assistance you need. We can help you find the right plan that best suits your health needs and financial situation.

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