Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If traditional Medicare does not provide all the coverage you need, you will want to explore additional health insurance in the form of Medicare supplements. Medicare supplements, often referred to as Medigap plans, are policies offered by private insurance companies designed to pay costs that original Medicare does not cover. Typically the costs covered are often co-insurance and deductible amounts, as well as costs for blood work and skilled nursing care that you would normally be required to pay under original Medicare. A range of standardized plans are available. In this key section of our website, we discuss the strengths of various plans, rates enrollment requirements and more.

Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit Health Programs

Many Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans offer memberships to Silver Sneakers and Silver& Fit programs. Find out more about these specialized fitness programs and the variety of options they offer to members.

Video: Excess Charges and Medicare Supplements

Learn what excess charges are, why excess coverage is an attractive part of a Medicare supplement plan and what to do if you don't enjoy this benefit.

Medigap Coverage of Pre-Existing Conditions

The coverage of pre-existing conditions is a common concern among seniors. Learn more about whether or not Medigap will offer coverage.

Changing Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are not satisfied with your Medigap coverage, you may be curious about what options you have to switch plans and how to take action.

Medigap for the Disabled Under 65

Many disabled adults under the age of 65 are unable to afford Medicare supplements. If you fall into this population, you are not alone.

Medicare SELECT Overview

While most Medigap plans cover expenses from any medical provider that accepts Medicare, SELECT plans are a type of managed care plan. Learn more.

Reasons for Differing Medigap Prices

You may wonder why some Medigap premiums differ on the same policies. There are a number of risk factors that contribute to fluctuating prices.

Popular Medigap Plan Overview

Although there are 10 available Medigap policies, plans F, G, C, and N are the most popular. Each plan offers unique benefits and costs.

Medicare Savings Programs and Medicare Supplements

Learn whether you should enroll in Medigap if you also qualify for a Medicare Savings Program in your state.

Medigap Plan F vs. Plan G: Is More Really Better?

Plans F and G are the most popular Medigap plans and it can be difficult to tell them apart. Take a look at a comparison and choose the one for you.

Common Medigap Policy Price Factors

While many factors affect Medigap rates and fluctuation, there some common ones to be aware of in order to be well informed and get the best deal.

Personal Factors Considered in Medigap Pricing

A number of personal factors are considered in the price of Medigap Plans. Learn how these vary from individual to individual and affect your plan.

Video: Medigap for People Under 65

In this video, learn more about how people under the age of 65 can enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan, or Medigap.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Introduced in 2010, Medicare Supplement Plan N is an ideal option for those on a budget while still offering core benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plan M

Medicare Supplement Plan M is a newer plan that aims to provide better health coverage while lowering out-of-pocket costs.

Medicare Supplement Plan L

Medicare Supplement Plan L offers great benefits with an affordable premium yet still provides great coverage for a wide variety of services.

Medicare Supplement Plan K

Medicare Supplement Plan K is a unique plan that is ideal for those looking for lower premiums and lower medical expenses.

Medicare Supplement Plan J

Due to changes in Medicare Supplement Plans, Plan J will no longer be offered. Current Plan J holders will not lose their coverage. Read more here.

Medicare Supplement Plan I

Medicare Supplement Plan I is no longer available, but another similar plan may be found. Find out about these changes.

Medicare Supplement Plan H

Medicare Supplement Plan H is no longer available, but is very similar to Plan C. Read more to find out about these changes.

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G is a popular Medigap plan because it covers most of the high-risk gaps not covered by Medicare, yet is easy on the budget.

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Plan F is the most popular Medicare supplement policy. Featuring coverage for Medicare excess charges, it is also the most comprehensive plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan E

Plan E was discontinued when Medicare removed preventative care from all supplemental benefits in June 2010.

Medicare Supplement Plan D

Plan D is a middle-of-the-road policy that is designed to provide benefits for high-risk medical needs not included with original Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plan C

Medicare Supplement Plan C is preferred by many because it offers a comprehensive line of health benefits without being heavy on the budget.

Medicare Supplement Plan B

Medicare Supplement Plan B includes all the benefits of Plan A with one added benefit: It covers the Medicare Part A hospitalization deductible.

Medicare Supplement Plan A

Medicare Supplement Plan A is a standard plan with less comprehensive benefits than other plans, but coverage is offered at more affordable premiums.

Guaranteed Issue Rights for Medigap Plans

Learn under what circumstances you are guaranteed to qualify for any Medicare supplement plan you choose without being denied for medical reasons.

Choosing and Purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan

Before purchasing a supplemental policy for Medicare, investigate your options, compare companies and premiums and follow these helpful suggestions.

Full-Time Employees Considering Medigap

Should full-time employees consider Medicare supplements? There are many factors to consider.

How Medicare Supplement Rates are Set

Learn how private insurance companies set their own rates for Medicare supplement policies and how you can compare Medigap plans in your area.

Video: Learn About Medigap Plans

Medicare supplement insurance plans can be confusing for seniors and their families. This video answers common questions about Medigap plans.

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