Medicare Advantage

If you need more coverage than your traditional Medicare plan, one option is Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage allows you to substitute your basic plan with a private plan approved of and subsidized by Medicare. Typically these plans offer coverage that improves on original Medicare, though the levels of coverage will differ from carrier to carrier and plan to plan. Starting in 2012, however, the subsidies offered for private plans via Medicare Advantage will start to be reduced in compliance with President Obama's health reform bill. This will likely result in higher Medicare Advangage premiums for seniors. Before pursuing your interest in this program, learn more about Medicare Advantage and its future.

Changes for Medicare Advantage in 2017

Silver Sneakers and Silver&Fit Health Programs

Many Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans offer memberships to Silver Sneakers and Silver& Fit programs. Find out more about these specialized fitness programs and the variety of options they offer to members.

Medicare Advantage Quality Ratings

The government has begun funding Medicare Advantage plans based on quality ratings that reward highly-rated insurers. Discover how this system works.

Nine Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage

Although many seniors consider Medicare Advantage a viable option, consider these common gaps in Medicare Advantage coverage before choosing a plan.

How to Handle a Dropped Medicare Advantage Plan

In the past, seniors have had to deal with their Medicare Advantage plans being dropped by private insurers. Read about the steps that can be taken.

Private Fee-For-Service Plans

Private fee-for-service plans are considered Medicare Advantage Plans. Learn more about both the benefits and drawbacks of these plans.

Video: Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage helps cover hospital costs, doctor visits and other services. Learn more about the basics of these plans with this video.

Medicare Advantage Plan Options

Medicare Advantage is offered to seniors as an alternative to Traditional Medicare. Learn more about six of the most common plan options.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Periods

Learn about the four different enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plans. An informative summary of each period is included.

The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage

An AEP is open to beneficiaries each year so that they may make changes to any Medicare Advantage Plan they may be enrolled in for the upcoming year.

Special Election Period

A Special Election Period occurs when one may choose to enroll in Medicare Advantage even after the traditional enrollment periods have passed.

Initial Coverage Election Period

The Initial Coverage Election Period for Medicare Advantage occurs only once in a lifetime for each person and is important to grasp. Learn more.

Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is offered as an alternative to Traditional Medicare. Read more to learn about some of the benefits and concerns of these plans.

Key Medicare Advantage Terms to Understand

To negotiate the landscape of Medicare Advantage, it can help to understand some basics about the program and a few key terms.

Video: What Is Medicare Advantage?

This video briefly outlines Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, and describes some differences between Medicare Advantage and original Medicare.

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