Medicare Basics

The various components of Medicare can be confusing, especially if you have just recently enrolled. It is very important to understand the structure of original Medicare when you are considering a supplement plan to fill in the gaps. Here we attempt to spell out the Medicare basics for anyone seeking information about the most common questions surrounding original and supplemental Medicare coverage. We define every major term included in the Medicare vernacular and tell you about Medicare laws you should know. We also discuss many of the Medicare options available to help you make better choices. Whether you are already covered by Medicare or are nearing eligibility, we hope you will find this to be a helpful guide as you move forward on your health care journey.

Medicare & You 2017 (Official Medicare Handbook)

Click the link in this article to download and view the federal government's official handbook for Medicare. Many of your questions can be answered here.

Video: How PEBB Works with Medicare

In this video, learn how PEBB and Medicare work together to cover healthcare costs and which plan will be considered primary coverage.

Video: PEBB Premiums With or Without Medicare

Watch this video to learn how premiums for PEBB coverage are affected when Medicare-eligible beneficiaries obtain Medicare coverage.

What Happens If You Miss Medicare Open Enrollment?

Learn about the options available to you if you happen to miss the annual Medicare enrollment period that ends Dec. 7.

An Introduction to Social Security

Learn what kinds of factors you will want to consider when deciding when to being receiving Social Security.

Does Obamacare Change Medicare Plans?

Does Obamacare require changes for Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare in general?

Early Retirement — What Are My Options?

Medical insurance is available for individuals who retire early. Early retirees will need to choose a medical plan to use until they transition to Medicare.

Video: Saving Money on Medicare

Explore the variety of ways you can save money while on Medicare in this helpful video.

Video: Medicare and Pre-Existing Conditions

If you are entering Medicare with pre-existing conditions, learn how proper enrollment can ensure coverage for those conditions.

2016 Premiums for Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B premiums have increased in 2016, and a number of factors will determine individual monthly premiums.

Video: Making Medicare Decisions at Age 65

Learn about the options available to you as you approach age 65 and need to make important choices about Medicare.

Video: How to Keep Prescription Drug Costs Down

A pharmacy expert explains how seniors on Medicare Part D can keep their drug costs down in this helpful video.

Video: Medicare Enrollment

Medicare specialists provide helpful, accessible answers to questions that many seniors face when enrolling in Medicare.

Video: Medicare Preventative Coverage

Many preventative services are covered under Medicare, such as flu shots or yearly exams. Learn more as Medicare experts discuss this issue.

Video: Medicare Advantage vs. Medigap

Medicare experts discuss the differences between Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplemental insurance and explain the benefits of each.

Video: Changing Medicare Plans

If you're thinking about changing your Medicare plans and want to know when and how to do that, watch this informative video.

Video: Creditable Coverage and Late Enrollment

This video explains what creditable coverage is and lists some of the penalties incurred if you delay Medicare enrollment without creditable coverage.

The Medicare Transfer Enrollment Period

Learn about the transfer enrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries leaving their managed care plan who want to pay a premium for Medicare Part A.

Video: Answers to Enrollment Questions

Watch experts answer common Medicare enrollment questions and share advice for picking Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans.

Video: Medicare Help From SHIP Programs

Discover how to find your local SHIP office and use their resources to ensure you are making the most of Medicare.

A Quick Look at Medicare Home Health Benefits

Home health care is a great option available to Medicare beneficiaries who meet certain requirements. Learn if home care might fit your situation.

Medicare Part B Coverage of Diabetes Services

Medicare covers most of the medical services you need if you have diabetes. Read this breakdown to get the most from your benefits.

Video: Carolyn Snow Part D Testimonial

Carolyn Snow, a 68-year-old from Marshall, Texas, explains how Medicare Part D has helped her continue to live an active life with diabetes.

Medicare Drug Coverage for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, Medicare Part D covers the anti-diabetic drugs, insulin and supplies required to treat this condition.

Diabetes Supplies Covered By Medicare Part B

Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes are entitled to supplies and equipment under Medicare Part B if they meet certain conditions.

Medicare Coverage of Hearing Aids

Although Medicare will not cover hearing aids in most circumstances, it does not exclude coverage for all hearing devices. Learn more.

Video: Medicare Part D Exceptions

This video explains what to do if a drug is not listed on your Part D plan's formulary, including the process of requesting an exception in such cases.

Medicare and Retiree Insurance

If you have retiree insurance, you will still need Medicare in most cases. Learn how to enjoy full coverage under your retiree policy.

Rehabilitation Hospital Coverage

If you qualify for care in a rehabilitation hospital covered by Medicare, your out-of-pocket expenditure will be equal to any other hospital stay.

Eye Care Costs Covered by Medicare

Although Medicare and Medigap do not cover routine eye examinations, some costs may be covered if you suffer from a serious eye condition.

Medicare Vision Coverage

Many seniors are unaware of the rules surrounding coverage of eye exams, glasses, and other vision-related issues. Find out what is covered and when.

Video: Medicare Open Enrollment

You and your health are always changing. At some point, you may need to change your Medicare plan to fit accordingly.

Medicare's Coverage of Wheelchairs and Scooters

Medicare covers the cost of acquiring a wheelchair or scooter. Learn more about the requirements and whether you or someone you love might qualify.

Appealing Medicare Part A and B Decisions

If a service or treatment is denied by Medicare, you can follow the review and appeals process set up within the Medicare program. Learn more.

Appealing Terminated Home Health Services

Seniors whose home health coverage is terminated have the right to advocate for an appeal. Learn how to take action if this happens to you.

Medicare Part B Rules

If you decide to enroll in Medicare Part B, it is important to understand the rules that surround this coverage. Read more to learn the basics.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers many outpatient and preventative services. Learn more about what is and is not covered with Part B.

Fighting Skilled Nursing Coverage Termination

Medicare coverage for those with skilled nursing care is often ended prematurely by nursing homes. Find out why this happens and how to handle it.

Coverage in a Skilled Nursing Facility

Medicare beneficiaries can receive up to 100 days of skilled nursing care through Medicare Part A. Read more to learn the benefits and rules.

Fighting a Hospital Discharge

Some Medicare beneficiaries have felt that they were prematurely discharged from the hospital. Read to find out how to prevent this and take action.

Video: Top Ten Medicare Tips

Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of the basics of Medicare through an insightful top ten list of big ideas to aid the Medicare process.

Medicare Coverage for Colon Cancer Screening

Seniors can now receive coverage for colon cancer screening. This includes four types of screening and is available to anyone receiving Medicare.

Finding, Changing, and Ending Hospice Care

Learn about the basics involved in receiving hospice through Medicare, including how to join, change providers, and end your hospice care.

Video: How to Choose the Right Medicare Plan

There is a lot to consider when deciding which Medicare plan is right for you. This video gives basic steps to help you make a wise choice.

How Hospice Care Affects Overall Medicare Coverage

While using Medicare’s hospice services, find out how Medicare can also provide coverage for things that are unrelated to your terminal illness.

Medicare-Provided Hospice Benefits

If you are considering enrolling in hospice care through Medicare, it’s important to know which services are and are not covered and at what cost.

Qualifying for Hospice Through Medicare

Hospice care through Medicare gives those suffering from a terminal illness care and support from a team of skilled and compassionate professionals.

Video: How to Understand Medicare Plans

This video takes a look at the basic parts of Medicare by summarizing parts A, B, C, and D and giving helpful insight into each aspect.

Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage

This articles takes a closer look at the pros and cons of Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans. Find out which type of plan is best for you.

Video: Guide to Medicare Parts A and B

Watch this video to gain a foundational understanding of Medicare Part A and Part B. Grasping the basics will help simplify Medicare.

Medicare Part D Tips

Finding the best Part D plan may help save greatly on out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs. Read these four helpful tips.

Video: Understanding Medicare Part D Formularies

Finding a Medicare Part D plan may be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how formularies can help you find the best prescription drug plan.

Video: Medicare Eligibility and Work Incentives

The last in our series on Social Security Disability Benefits and Medicare, learn about eligibility incentives for working despite a disability.

Basic Medicare Parts

There are many different Medicare plans, but the most common are broken down into four basic parts. Read more to learn about the basics of each part.

Medicare Coverage of Vaccines and Immunizations

Medicare may help cover the cost for some vaccines and immunizations. Learn more about this process and its regulations.

Medicare Summary Notices

A Medicare Summary Notice is an explanation of benefits that is sent to beneficiaries every three months to provide important account information.

Video: Medicare and Social Security Disability Benefits

Watch this video to learn about the various parts of Medicare and how to obtain its benefits while receiving Social Security Disability assistance.

Video: Social Security Disability Requirements

Many Americans may be eligible for Medicare benefits due to a disability even if under the age of 65. Discover who qualifies for these benefits.

Video: Medicare Parts C and D

Gary Demirkan discusses the basic definitions of Medicare parts C and D with a Medicare expert.

Video: Medicare Part B

Gary Demirkan conducts a Q-and-A about the fundamentals of Medicare Part B with a review of key points concerning Part A.

Video: Medicare Part A

Gary Demirkan interviews a Medicare expert to get a basic understanding of Medicare Part A and what it covers.

2017 Premiums for Medicare Part B

Most Medicare cardholders will see a change in Part B premiums in 2017, but for some, the cost could be much higher than for others.

Part D Donut Hole Relief in 2017

Part D beneficiaries will be able to purchase some drugs at a 60 percent discount under the Medicare Coverage Gap Discount Program.

Video: An Overview of Medicare Part D

Here's a simple overview of Medicare Part D and how it works to help pay for your prescription drugs.

How to Prepare for a Health Emergency

There are a number of ways to be sure you are prepared in the event of a health emergency. Here are a few quick tips.

Waiving or Reducing Part D Costs

For Medicare recipients who meet certain low-income levels, Part D prescription drug costs may be reduced or waived with Social Security assistance.

Rules for Beneficiaries with Higher Incomes

Medicare beneficiaries whose income reaches certain levels will have to pay higher premiums on Medicare Part B or prescription drug plans.

Medicare Part D Donut Hole Changes

Discover the changes coming to the Medicare Part D donut hole so you can plan for your prescription drug expenditures in 2017.

Video: What Does Medicare Cost?

If you're wondering what to expect in the way of Medicare costs, view this video to see how the different parts add up.

Video: What Is Medicare?

This video answers the basic questions about Medicare and how it works in less than three minutes.

COBRA & Medicare: How do they work together?

What to do if you are eligible for Medicare but also qualify for COBRA's extension of benefits from previous employment.

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is often called hospital insurance because it covers hospital services such as inpatient care in hospitals, hospice services and home health care.

Prescription Drug Creditable Coverage and Medicare Part D

When you have creditable coverage, you probably do not have Medicare Part D. That's because for most people it does not make sense to have two prescription drug plans.

Making Sense of the Medicare Enrollment Periods

Medicare has several different types of enrollment periods that allow you to enroll in all the different types of Medicare coverage each year.

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