eMedicare Supplements Articles

We have put together a library of articles to help you understand Medicare and Medicare supplements. If you have a basic question about Medicare, Medigap plans or the ever-changing Medicare Advantage program, we hope these articles answer your questions. We also will be taking a look at Medicare on a state-by-state basis, so stay tuned as we continue to become a must-view resource for your key Medicare decisions.

Medicare Basics

Medicare is a complex subject that can lead to frustration at times. There are so many unique terms and phrases, not to mention new laws being passed on a regular basis, it's no wonder so much confusion surrounds this program. In our section on Medicare Basics, we break down the definitions, rules, choices and resources related to Medicare in such a way that anyone can understand.

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Medicare Supplements

Because Medicare does not meet the health care coverage needs of many seniors, the need to fill the "gaps" inherent in Medicare with Medicare supplements, or Medigap plans, is something most seniors should consider, particuarly if they are just now becoming eligible for benefits, as they have a right to guaranteed coverage under a Medicare supplemental plan. Check out our section on Medicare Supplements for more information.

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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage has been a popular way to enhance Medicare by allowing a private insurance carrier to administer your Medicare coverage along with some additional benefits that might cost you an increased premium. The appeal is that you only have to deal with one insurance carrier. The downside of this program, however, is that the federal subsidies that support it are scheduled to be cut over the next 10 years, threatening its viability as a long-term option. Our articles on Medicare Advantage should be able to help you sort through this changing situation and make good choices.

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Medicare By State

Every state has unique laws that cause the administration of the federal Medicare program to differ slightly. From state to state, you will also see different private insurance carriers offering Medicare Supplement plans, as carriers are licensed to offer plans in certain states. To view information and statistics about your state and the private carriers who offer Medicare-related plans there, view our section on Medicare By State.

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